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Age Defying Fitness – 50 mins. / 4-5 days per week

Individuals in this group categorize themselves age 60 or older at various fitness levels.

This category highlights cardiovascular fitness and coordination while building muscle and increasing flexibility.

Wellness Champion : Joe Zeoli



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Here's today's installment of "Lessons Learned":

#6 – Mix It Up (Variety is Nice)
Even a well-designed program gets boring if you keep doing the same series of exercises. James at SmithBuilt Fitness has been excellent at adding new elements to the training. I’ve used Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, a TRX Trainer, Bosu Balance Balls and various other implements of torture (just kidding James). It’s made the gym experience fresh each time I was there.

My running program has been a little harder for me to find ways to add new elements, though changing where and when you run does give it some variety. As the weather starts getting warmer, my wife and I are going to add biking, and swimming to the program – and maybe a little juggling just for fun!

#5 – There Will Be Tough Times
As excited as I am about getting back into reasonable shape, I’ve got to tell you – there are times I just wanted to lay on the sofa and veg out. Getting motivated to do an hour of training after a hard day at work isn’t always easy. Let’s face it – if it was easy we wouldn’t need this fitness challenge now would we?
Life happens: you’re out of town, you have to work late, you get sick, it’s too hot, it’s too cold – you get the idea.

Making a firm commitment helps. So does being accountable to others (like your training buddies). After a while, I started seeing some positive results from my efforts. That helped me push through some of the laziness that still keeps knocking on my door. “Sorry laziness, Joe’s not home right now. He’s working on a healthier life. Please stop calling!”

For those of you keeping track – we’ve got 4 more “Lessons Learned” to go. More tomorrow.

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St Pete Fitness Challenge
Top 10 Things Learned (cont'd):

#8 – Work Outs are Better with Some Help
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the personal attention provided by James at SmithBuilt Fitness. From the very first session he has challenged me to push myself to get the most benefit I can from the training. He is very good at getting me to give just that little bit more while making sure I don’t overdo it.

Having someone that can identify your weaknesses and tailor the workouts to focus on improving them really helps maximize the benefits from the training. Find someone you can trust to give you an honest assessment.

#7 – Training is More Enjoyable with some Friends
Let’s face it, no matter how motivated you are to stay healthy and get fit it’s still work. I found my enthusiasm higher when I did my workouts with someone else. Fortunately for me, my wife (and very best friend) joined me in my running excursions and that made even the tougher runs a bit more fun.

At SmithBuilt, I was occasionally joined by other Healthy St. Pete fitness fanatics and always felt a sense of camaraderie (misery does love company!). And running in the Firestone Grand Prix 5K with about a thousand other runners was a pretty cool experience.

Tomorrow - Top 10 #6 and #5
(I know - the suspense is killing you) 😂

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So - as we near the end of the Healthy St. Pete Fitness Challenge I thought I'd share my "Top 10 Things I Learned" list with you (thank-you David Letterman!). I'm going to post two every day this week, so here goes:

#10 - Getting into shape takes work and commitment
No lie - it was hard to find the time to add a fitness program into my daily schedule. What with nap time and TV time and snack time, something had to give!

This is where the commitment comes in. If you can see the benefits of getting more active, then the commitment comes a little easier. Easier - not easy.

Work = Effort and Effort leads to results. But as James (my SmithBuilt Fitness trainer) likes to say: "Part-Time effort leads to Part-Time results." If you coast thru your fitness program you may still get results, but you're leaving a lot on the table.

For me, since I made the commitment to get into the game I wanted to maximize the benefits. Let's face it, at 60 how many do-overs am I going to have? Now is the time! "Carpe Diem" !!

#9 - There will be pain
I certainly didn't expect to go from a couch potato to an aggressive fitness program and not have some "discomfort". I was not disappointed. But, honestly, the pain was manageable and fairly short lived. It wasn't caused by any injuries - just hard work. It took awhile, but I started recovering faster after a tough workout. My body was actually responding to the training (who would have thought that would happen?).

No Pain - No Gain? Within limits I agree, but don't let the thought of some discomfort stop you from jumping on the fitness bandwagon. For me, it was a positive sign that I was moving in the right direction.

Tomorrow - Things Learned #8 and #7

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Come join the fun April 1 - no fooling! ...

This celebration of wellness is a family affair! In addition to the 'for-fun', non-timed 5K + one mile walk, there will be a kids play zone set up for all the little tikes attending. Register today!

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Oh yes we did!!
Donna and I just finished the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Pete 5K race.
As you can see in the before and after pics - we're still smiling.

Come join us on April 1st for the Healthy St. Pete 5K. Speed is not the goal, getting off the couch is.

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