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St. Pete Fit Mom – 60 mins. / 3-4 days per week

Individuals in this group categorize themselves as wanting to stay active during pregnancy or to want to begin a new fitness routine postpartum.

Women who plan to begin an exercise program during pregnancy or postpartum are advised to seek the advice of their medical doctor.

Wellness Champion : Stephanie Dunseith

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I don't walk my Golden Retriever, Layla, as much as I'd like to but this evening we took a little neighborhood walk 0.85 miles. That's not much compared to what the Weight Loss Warrior Champion, Leslie Furlong, racks in every day but I'm happy with it 🙃 ...

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Grilled a bunch of chicken for the week, and picked up this yummy Superfood Pilaf as a side dish from Trader Joe's. ...

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Turkey burger topped with hummus with a side of asparagus 🙂 yummmm ...

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I haven't heard this in a while. It's a good motivational clip


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