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Time Restricted – 20 mins. /4-5 days per week

Individuals in this group categorize themselves as busy folks with 20 minutes each day to devote to exercise.

Workouts in this category focus on a total body conditioning in only 20 minutes with no equipment needed.

Wellness Champion : Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin



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Monday at 10 a.m. tune in to Daytime on NBC, Ch.-8, 10 a.m. to get fitness tips from Dave Smith of SmithBuilt Fitness, our partners in the HSP Fit City CHallenge. The best thing about these tips are you can do them wherever you are...right at your desk at work, in the checkout line at the grocery store. With Dave's help you can get it in where you fit it in! ...

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This week my evenings have beenfilled with commitments that have pushed aside my training time. I'm working hard to find a way to get it all in. What are your secrets? Anything you can share with me and our team will be greatly appreciated by all of us! ...

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Saturday morning work out done right. Thanks to everyone who came out - keep working hard! #MondayMotivation ...

The #HealthyStPete Wellness Champions lead a successful group workout on Saturday morning - thanks to everyone for coming out! Have you signed up for the Community Fitness Challenge yet? Details here: healthystpetefl.com/fitness-challenge/

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Getting ready for our Healthy St. Pete Fitness Challenge meet up at Azalea Park Fitness Zone. Will I see you there?! It's a great way to kick off the weekend. #healthystpete ...

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I have a bad back and cannot do high intense type of exercise, but this week I started gentle yoga at a great place downtown St. Pete. Instructor mentioned I should feel good for taking the time to do something kind for myself. Love that perspective !!! ...

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