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Time Restricted – 20 mins. /4-5 days per week

Individuals in this group categorize themselves as busy folks with 20 minutes each day to devote to exercise.

Workouts in this category focus on a total body conditioning in only 20 minutes with no equipment needed.

Wellness Champion : Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin

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Did the long weekend take you off track? Don't worry about it. Get back in the game. Work out tonight and keep moving forward. I just did, and I feel great! ...

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Today's lunch...one of these bowls with salmon, housemade siracha and tzatiki. It was a delicious and healthy choice. Fresh kale, edamame, quinoa...nice.

The Galley is a new restaurant in Downtown St. Pete and if you work for the City you enjoy a discount. Great healthy choice.

What'd you eat for lunch? My crew is always on the lookout for healthy options...we'd love to know about all St. Pete's super salad joints. What's your favorite? #Healthystpete

LUNCH IS SERVED! #GetToTheGalley and get our Healthy Superfood Lunch Bowls! Quinoa, Kale, Broccoli, edamame, walnuts and then your choice of sauce and protein on top! Eat Healthy, Eat Often! Lunch every Day 11:30am to 4pm, only at your St. Pete Tavern!

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All five fitness champions gathered today for a healthy lunch and sharing of tips that are going to take us all to the top. Time to report progress this week: 1. Pounds lost: not yet. 2. Miles covered: about two. 3. Time spent on fitness: 3 hours.

We're just getting started. I know more time and focus will give me more results. My goal this upcoming week is to put in at least 30 mins of exercise each day and make food choices that support my goals. How are you guys doing? Let us know!

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Words of wisdom Trainer Lindsey told me today: "You can't out train a bad diet." So long chicken wings. It was lovely while it lasted... ...

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