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Weight Loss Warriors – 55 mins. / 4-5 days per week

Individuals in this group categorize themselves as needing to lose weight.

Workouts are designed to reduce fat and increase cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Wellness Champion : Leslie Furlong & Pola Fowler

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#healthystpete not feeling it - still doing it ...

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Hard to hear... Message for today: you gotta start somewhere yet don't overdo! This exercise is like the squat done on day one with the addition of a ball between the knees. Keep the knees together to create tension on the ball. Slow and steady! #healthystpete ...

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6.43 miles total today! Wonderful weather for walking and enjoying where we live! #healthystpete ...

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Wonderful late afternoon ride. 10.3 miles! #healthystpete ...

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#healthystpete crew... Join us today: healthystpetefl.com/fitness-challenge/commitmentcard/
Time restricted: Kanika
Weight Loss Warrior: Leslie (one of a team of two!)
Fitness Fanatic: Jing
Age Defying: Joe
Be Fit Moms: Stephanie
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