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Living healthy is a community-wide effort. We will examine ordinances and current policies to improve access to health care and nutritious food in our community. We will also educate the community on topics such as chronic disease prevention.

A Pedestrian & Bicycle Friendly City:

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St. Petersburg’s City Trails

St. Petersburg’s City Trails are facilities for non-motorized traffic, primarily bicyclists and pedestrians. They include bicycle lanes, bicycle routes, recreational trails, sidewalks, crosswalks, and other devices that assist people in getting around St. Petersburg without a motor vehicle. Check out our new St. Petersburg Bike Map , the Bike Map depicts shared-use trails and key, developed bicycle routes throughout the city to make it easier for residents and visiting cyclists to navigate St. Petersburg. Get outside and discover new parts of the city, grab a bite to eat, or make your commute to and from work using your own pedal power!

Bicycle Friendly Business Flyer

Bicycle Friendly Business Program

Bicycle Friendly Business Program recognizes employers for their efforts to encourage a more welcoming atmosphere for employees, customers and community members who ride bicycles.

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