West St. Pete Tyrone

West St. Pete Tyrone

In-between the beaches and downtown of St. Petersburg, lies Tyrone. Not just a point in the middle of two destinations, Tyrone is a burgeoning area of West St. Pete. With the awesome, cowboy chic spot Square 1, great Greek food from Athenian Garden, inviting Italian at CD Roma and cute options like D’Lites or Cobbster’s Kitchen and Bar, this west side neighborhood is a great place to slip away from the crowds and enjoy a date night — or maybe just treat yourself.. Don’t forget to share the experience with friends, family, and followers using the hashtag #healthystpete!Click here to load this tour’s stops in Google Maps.

Stop 1: Saddle up, Cowboy !

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While Square 1 is known for taking special care in crafting high-quality burgers using humanely farm raised meat without hormones or antibiotics, they can mix a stunning cocktail too. The awesome cowboy chic atmosphere gives it a western feel with pseudo-south flavor.

“Nice seating with a full bar, can sit down relax and have a few drinks,” one Yelp review sums it up. So take your seat at the saloon and ask the bartender to stir you up their Pinks and Greens cocktail. The Grey Goose vodka, St. Germain elderfower liqueur, pink grapefruit juice and fresh basil make it a real looker! Considering grapefruit juice is great for metabolism and basil’s anti-bacterial features benefit the skin, imbibing this concoction feels good too.


Stop 2: My Light, Skinny, Greek...

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The finger food nature of Mediterranean platters means they were made for sharing. Athenian Garden is the go-to for authentic Greek cuisine in Tyrone. As this TripAdvisor user who did things right explains, “We sampled so many things here and loved them all.”

Athenian Garden’s Sampler #1 combines hummus, tazatziki, taramasalata, and skordalia. In English, please? That’s mashed chickpea, yogurt with cucumber, and fish dip with a spread of potato puree, all prepared with plenty of tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic, of course. Expect a light but filling array of delicious nosh. If you’re feeling more adventurous, get the Octopus, char-grilled or marinated. It’s loaded with the metabolism increasing B-12 vitamin and packs a serious punch in the protein department too!

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Stop 3: Sweet, Italian Hospitality !

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Couples love Italian for a romantic dinner and CD Roma’s delicious recipes don’t disappoint. Creative Loafing Tampa describes it as “down-home Italian cuisine,” a statement backed on TripAdvisor by one patron’s sentiment, “The owner Bernie goes out of his way to see that your satisfied.”

How does Honey Balsamic Chicken sound? This seasoned and grilled chicken breast is topped with a white truffle oil and balsamic glaze. The CD Roma menu has icons that identifies items as things like a Roma Favorite or Lighter Meal, this dish meets both. Plus, it can be prepared gluten free — just ask! Already generous with their servings, the Petite Portion is more than enough to satisfy.

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Stop 4: The Scoop on Healthy Ice Cream !

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D’lites Emporium wants you to develop a healthy habit… of eating ice cream? How can ice cream be healthy, you ask? As if by magic, D’lites’ ice cream is cholesterol free, contains no artificial sweeteners, and is low in fat, carbs, calories and sodium. It has Yelp users exclaiming, “It’s guilt free dessert!” Something we’re all about.

Besides, they offer over 100 rotating flavors, like Thin Mint Cookie — arguably one of the best Girl Scout cookies, but we know how heated those arguments can get, so we’ll just keep it at do yourself a favor and try this. After all, thin’s the name of the game!

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Stop 5: A Drink—in Theatre !

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Dinner, ice-cream, AND a movie?!? Cobbster’s Kitchen and Bar has got you covered with the perfect way to cap a date night. This luxury theatre features stadium seating and electronically-contolled leather recliners with footrests. “I won’t take in a movie anywhere else after going here,” is verdict according to one TripAdvisor reviewer.

Our recommendation? Skip the popcorn and get a cocktail! More specifically, why not go ahead and get bit by The Love Bug. A juicy concoction, it combines pineapple and cranberry with Malibu Coconut Rum, banana liqueur, and midori. Because love is in the air — and in your drink — this stop is the perfect “FIN” for another great night in the Burg!

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