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Support local establishments while keeping your goals in check. St. Pete makes it easy to enjoy the lighter side of foodie city…

St. Petersburg’s culinary scene is stepping up to the big time, joining major hubs when it comes to culture you can eat. Dining options found around the Burg are certified “foodie” status, with curious cuisine combinations to keep our palates eternally entertained. But what about the lighter fare compliments to all the bacon wrapped, deep fried onion stacked, melted cheese smothered delicacies? Finding the balance between social life and  thoughtful eating, is food for thought, indeed.

Many restaurants and eateries found in Downtown, Edge, Grand Central, 4th Street and on to the west pride themselves on using organic, gluten free, and locally sourced ingredients. St. Pete’s talented chefs prove that sustainability and health consciousness don’t limit creativity — if anything, the proposition keeps them on their toes.

We’re working to craft a series of “virtual progressive dinners” that will highlight ways to keep healthier eating patterns in check without cramping your lifestyle. Our great city’s options prove that enjoying the lighter side of “foodie city” is not only possible, it’s quite easy.

We’ve carefully crafted our tours to ensure that a good night out should always be an experience fit for sharing with a few close friends or for boasting about the foodie culture of your city to followers on your favorite social networks.

Whether it be drinks, appetizers, main courses, or dessert, discover the most worth their weight menu items that may have been hiding in plain sight this whole time. With most of the restaurants only a hop, skip, and a jump away, the lighter side of St. Petersburg’s local food community beckons.

Visit our first two sets of Virtual Progressive Dinners, with routes for Downtown and West Side St. Pete, and stay tuned for more options across St. Petersburg. While you’re on any one of the different routes, share the experience with friends, family, and followers using the hashtag #healthystpete.

Downtown #1      |     Downtown #2      |     Downtown #3      |     Downtown #4

West St. Pete Central      |     West St. Pete Tyrone